Maior Rizerva

85,00 kn

Wine sort: Plavac mali
Vintage year: 2016
Alcohol: 13,5%

Volume: 0,75L
Wine type:
Red wine
Region: Central and southern Dalmatia

Gastro recommendation: Grilled meat, steak tartare, baked octopus, stuffed squid, stewed and grilled vegetables, beans, cheese, beef, pork
Serving temperature: 16-18 °C

Top quality red dry wine with 13.5% alcohol obtained by processing one of the most economically important indigenous grape varieties, Plavac mali. The year of harvest 2016 was given a recognizable note of taste after a period of at least twelve months in an oak barrel. Painted with typical shades of dark red, it seduces with neither too strong nor too heavy aromas of berries. Wine for every occasion.
“Autochthonous. Fresh, unobtrusive. “

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